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[heart beating] [heartbeat continues] [heartbeat, music playing louder] ♪ i'm feeling better since you know me... ♪ announcer: this song was created with heartbeats of children in need. find out how it can help frontline health workers bring hope to millions of children at want to keep you posted about the horror and the fear that's been palpable here in california. the police are looking for this ex-police officer. take a look. this is 33-year-old christopher jordan dorner. he wants revenge.
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he has a vendetta against all police in southern california. apparently families, families as well. sergio diaz talked at a news conference and said my opinion of the suspect is unprintable. dorner is considered by police armed and extremely dangerous and should you see him, do not approach him. do not approach that car. police say, pick up the phone and dial 911. lots of questions over this man guess stow that he apparently left saying, he will not be clearing this man's name, even though that is precisely what christopher jordan dorner wants. let's go to wolf blitzer in washington now. hey, wolf. thanks very much, brooke. happening now, the hand munt in p southern california. the suspect is a fired policeman who threatened colleagues with, quote, warfare.
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in washington, a series of protests disrupt the confirmation for the man who the president wants to be the director of the cia. and we're finally learning why the united states military didn't come to the rescue in gauze gl benghazi, libya. i'm wolf blitzer. you're in "the situation room." we begin with a desperate manhunt in southern california under way right now. police have linked a fired officer to a series of what they call atrocious crimes. christopher jordan dorner is suspected of killing three people and wounding two others. he's still at large and police say he has access to multiple weapons and assault rifles. cnn's kyung lah is joining us from los angeles where the police chief is calling it extremely worry some and scare
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ree. what's the latest kyung? >> reporter: certainly scary for anyone connected to the police department in southern california. this is where today's shooting spree began but all of this, wolf, began earlier this week. the murder spree began on sunday with the double killing of a newly engaged couple, monica quan and keith lawrence, quan, the daughter of a retired lapd captain, the officer who represented christopher dorner in front of the police board that eventually fired him. dorner refers to quan's murder in his man guess stow. he writes, i never had the opportunity to have a family of my own. i'm terminating yours. self-preservation is no longer important to me. i do not fear death as i died long ago on january 2nd of '09, a date a few month after dorner was fired as a police officer. the lapd fanned out, launching 40 protection details throughout southern california. >> lapd is the specific target
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but all law enforcement is target. this is a vendetta to all southern california law enforcement. >> reporter: three days later, wednesday, in san diego, dorner attempted to hijack a boat, an attempt that failed. then early this morning, an eyewitness saw dorner's vehicle an hour and a half southeast of los angeles. >> they identified the vehicle, they start to follow that vehicle and within two exits that suspect gets off the freeway at magnolia and our officers are in proximity. as soon as they turn the right turn, the suspect is already out of the vehicle and engaging them in gunfire. >> reporter: one officer grazed in the head, unable to capture him. a short time later, another shooting in nearby riverside. two unsuspecting riverside police officers fired upon in what police call a cowardly m ambush. one seriously hurt, the other
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killed. >> the city mourns the deaths of monica quan, keith lawrence, and our brave riverside police officer. i also feel a great sadness for the injuries suffered by my officer, the second riverside officer, and the two uninvolved citizens in torrance. >> reporter: torrance was the location of yet another shooting this morning but not by dorner. the people inside this blue truck, similar in description to dorn ner's vehicle, were delivering morning newspapers, officers opened fire injuring the two inside, a sad case of mistaken identity. a city reacting to an enraged killer on the loose as he writes in his man guess skoe, i will bring unconventional and asymmetrical warfare to those in lapd uniform whether on or off
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duty. isr is my strength and weakness. you will now live the life of the prey. >> i would tell him to turn himself in. this has gone far enough. nobody else needs to die. >> reporter: in san diego today, there was a brief report that he may be near naval base point loma. that base went on lockdown. this man huhunt is still very m ongoing. >> what's it like where i'm assuming a lot of people are on edge? >> reporter: certainly. this is a city that is used to gun violence. there are a lot of guns on the street. there are a lot of people used to hearing about violence but this sort of violence, this targeted violence, this rage that you can certainly feel, you can hear the concern on the radio, you can hear a lot of people talking about it. you can see it on social media. certainly this is an entire region that is on edge. >> kyung lah, we'll stand by. let's go to paul vercameron.
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paul, give us the move over there, the latest. what do they suspect is going on? >> reporter: extremely high tension here in riverside, wolf. they have not seen dorner since 1:30 a.m. this morning. police fearing that he may want to return and open fire on officers and that's why you see behind me the officers, most of them, have not taken their hands off their guns until -- for a long time and look down the street here, also, wolf, this is where police say the cold-hearted ambush took place early this morning when he killed one officer and wounded another. let's hear from the police of chief. well, we won't hear from the police of chief. he said basically that this was a cowardly act by dorn ner. one of the things that has everyone so concerned here, as we look at the officers, dorner is a trained marksman and he
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talked in his man guess stow about have a 50 cal sniper they fear that he could inflict a lot of damage from that range. also, he bragged about what to do about ordinance, meaning explosives. so a very armed and dangerous suspect here connected with three separate shooting incidents, three people killed. one of them a police officer and two police officers murdered -- injured, i should say, wolf. now back to you. >> he was a u.s. navy reserve lieutenant and we are told in the navy he was rated as a rifle marksman and pistol expert, according to his navy records. he was fired by the police department of los angeles four years ago. do we know what triggered four years later this rampage? >> reporter: well, he he brought up charges against an officer
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saying that this officer kicked a homeless man. it was determined later, according to police reports, that these charges were false by dorner. after a while, he was subsequently fired and he refers to that time and time again in his manifesto as the reason that he would wage a vendetta against officers, wolf. >> do we know what he's been doing for the last four years since he was fired from the lapd? >> reporter: unclear from this side in riverside. >> paul vercammen. thank you. we're going to stay on top of this story during our 6:00 p.m. hour. we're going to speak with chief police moose who was linked to the d.c. sniper. let's move to today's dramatic confrontation up on capitol hill. for a short time today,
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protesters actually shut down today's hearing for president obama's nominee to run the cia. and iran is posting video, it claims, was decoded from a captured u.s. drone. the man president obama wants to run the cia is getting grilled right now at his confirmation hearing. john brennan is getting hardball questions about targeting terrorist ares and whether he supported the cia's enhanced interrogation techniques, including waterboarding. we're going to have a full rourp on that and all of the day's other news right after this.
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of interruptions by protesters. our chief white house correspondent jessica yellin is keeping track of the hearing. update our viewers, jessica, of what has happened so far. >> reporter: hi, wolf. so far he's been getting a series of tough questions. that's john brennan, the cia nominee. his hearing began with more than show than tell when a series of protesters interrupted the democratic chair and then targeted lethal force and the drone's program. listen to this. >> john brennan, you're endangering my generation. people my age -- >> if i might ask -- all right. i am going to ask that this room be cleared right now. would the capitol police please
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come in and clear the room. >> reporter: there were five disruptions in all, wolf, and in the end they did clear the room of the code pink protesters. senator dianne feinstein then let the hearing resume after about a ten-minute break with a lot of empty chairs in there. she is allowed to ask them to leave when there are disruptions that sort of determined at the discretion of the chair, wolf. >> there's been a bunch of questions on what's called enhanced interrogation. some call it torcher on very, very sensitive issues. what did he have to say? >> reporter: the nominee in the past has said that he opposed enhanced interrogation but he was asked about a statement he made in 2007 to cbs news in which he said in part, quote, there has been a lot of information that has come out from these interrogation procedures that the agency, be meaning the cia, has in fact used against the real hardcore terrorists and it has saved lives. well, he was asked to defend
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that statement. why does he think back in 2007 enhanced interrogation saved lives but now he doesn't. this administration opposes enhanced interrogation, wolf. john brennan said, it was the work of this very committee that he's testifying in front of that issued his mind. they issued a 6,000 page report. he read parts of it and now he has this to say. >> i clearly had the impression, as you said, when i was quoted in 2007, there was valuable intelligence that came out of those interrogation. i must say that reading this report from the committee raises serious questions about the information that i was given at the time and the impression i had at that time. now i have to determine what, based on that information as well as what the cia says, what the truth is. >> reporter: wolf, he continues to take questions about this and other topics, including the drones program and alleged leaks by the administration of national security information.
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wolf? >> we're going to check back with you. jessica, thanks. another big worry in washington is iran. take a look at this. it's video that iranians say they decoded from a captured u.s. drone. if that claim is true, it raises lots of questions about their capabilities and potentially u.s. vulnerabilities. let's bring in our pentagon correspondent barbara starr. she's investigating what is going on. what are you finding out, barbara? >> so far, wolf, u.s. officials aren't saying much about this. so the question is, is it iran showing the capabilities of one of the u.s.'s most secret spy airplanes? iran claims this is classified video from a u.s. spy drone. >> this aircraft has had many flights in countries around iran. in operations that have taken place in pakistan, this aircraft has provided guidance.
1:18 pm
>> u.s. officials are trying to figure out what exactly iran has in hand. in washington thursday, defense secretary leon panetta wasn't talking. >> did iran hack our drone, mr. secretary? >> most alarming will be if iran's claim is true that it dekripted a video from one of america's most secret aircraft. >> looking at the video, it certainly seems to be genuine but i think it's a give away that you can see that the video in places is masked by what looked like frames in a glass cover. >> since it captured in the drone in 2011, iran has embraced the propaganda value, even making a pink toy replica. >> these things are being done for internal consumption. they are being done to show the people that the iranian military is on the case, technically advanced and taking care of their needs. >> an embarrassment for the u.s.
1:19 pm
iran says it brought down the drone. u.s. officials only confirmed a drone lost control while on a mission over iran. at the time, president obama asked iran to return it. >> we have asked for it back. we'll see how the iranians respond. >> and the iranians, of course, never gave it back. the experts we talked to said the simplest explanation may be thone that is right, that the iranians have the unencrypted video and when they got it, they decided to show it to the world. the only question, wolf, is why did they wait so long to do it. no one knows the answer. >> barbara, thank you. drones for intelligence and drones to kill. but when the target is an american citizen, does the president have the authority to take him out? a leading voice in the house intelligence committee standing by to join us. what's your preferred search engine? search engine, uhh, probably google. intelligence committee standing by to join us. intelligence committee standing by to join us. o the house intelligence committee standing by to join us. ifn the house
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u.s. citizens dying overseas with other americans pulling the trigger and using drones to take them out. that's just one reason president obama's pick to be the next cia director has been in the hot seat during his confirmation hearing today. let's break this down with representative peter king of new york. he's chairman of the house homeland security subcommittee of that committee. did i get that right, congressman? >> yeah, the subcommittee on counterterrorism. >> counterterrorism. you used to be the chairman of the house homeland security committee. so what do you think about this policy that we now see in these memorandums that have been revealed that the president can
1:24 pm
simply order an american citizen to be killed by a drone without any judicial review? >> wolf, from everything i've seen over the last several years, including everything that's come out in the last several days, i think the president is acting according to the law, according to the constitution, the president's main job, his main obligation is to protect the security of the american people and the fact that the enemy may happen to be an american citizen should not give that enemy any immunity. and to me there are sufficient procedures in place, there are protocols in place. and to say that someone that is on the battlefield, who is a high-ranking member of an enemy force is somehow entitled to due process, listen, if we can capture that person, if we could somehow bring him to justice, otherwise, fine. but you take someone like a
1:25 pm
alawki, he was more dangerous than bin laden. >> was he inspiring al qaeda operativeses to try to go out and kill americans and others or was he involved in actual operational planning? >> i can tell you i guess as far as i can go, alwaki was much more of a recruiter. he was extremely high up in the peninsula. i in the classified briefings i received over the years, i have no doubt that alawki was a high-ranking terrorists, a man who was responsible for murder, be ork traitor and planner of many of the operations. there's no doubt that he would fit into any definition as to who should be taken out should the situation occur. >> can you say the same for the california man who has now become an al qaeda operative out there on the internet?
1:26 pm
>> again, i would have to see all of the information on him. he would be at a different level and alaki, my personal feelings are i would have no problem with him being killed, to be honest with you. to me it's like tokyo rose, if you will. but having said that, i would have to see all of the documentation. these are decisions made very carefully at high levels of our government. again, they set the restrictions. they've set the guidelines. i have no doubt awlaki was in those guidelines. >> here's what is in that leaked justice memo that came out. the condition that an operational leader presents an imminent threat of violent threats against the united states to have clear evidence that a specific attack on u.s. persons and interests will take place in the immediate future. here's the question.
1:27 pm
what's the difference between an imminent attack and immediate future? it sounds like there's a contradiction in that line. >> i don't see it. i think in the world in which we live, someone like bin laden, someone like awlaki, for instance, the 9/11 plan was a long time putting together and being carried out. if we could have stopped it three months before, six months before by killing bin laden or killing one of the operatives in that plan, that's enough. we know awlaki in december 2009 was one of the ark it tekts of the attempted christmas day bombing. we know others that he was involved in. we have to assume if he's on the run and operating in yes, ma'am minute and has put together previous attacks, that he would be planning another one out. to me the presumption has to be that he's engaged in an imminent attack and attempting to plan it. >> peter king is supporting the
1:28 pm
president on this sensitive issue. congressman, thanks very much. >> yes, i am. >> thank you, wolf. we're going to be back with more on our developing story. today's man hunt for a fired lapd officer who is on a murderous rampage across southern california. they don't? [ male announcer ] nope, but alka seltzer plus severe sinus does it treats your worst sinus symptoms, plus that annoying cough. [ breathes deeply ] ♪ oh, what a relief it is! [ angry gibberish ] i've got a nice long life ahead. big plans. so when i found out medicare doesn't pay all my medical expenses, i looked at my options. then i got a medicare supplement insurance plan. [ male announcer ] if you're eligible for medicare,
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let's get back to this hour's top story, developing story out of southern california. a manhunt is under way right now for a fired los angeles police suspected in a series of attacks that has left three people dead and two people wounded. it started on sunday. police say christopher jordan dorner shot and killed two people in irvine, california. then, last night dorner attempted and failed to steal a boat in san diego. at 1:25 a.m. this morning, california time, he got into a
1:32 pm
shootout with police in chino. he misled in riverside. he ambushed two police officers, killed one and seriously wounded another. dorner is still at large as of right now. the suspect left behind an 11-page manifesto in which he wrote, and i'm quoting now from that manifesto, this is a necessary evil that i do not enjoy but must partake and complete. dorner also has a facebook page. cnn's tom foreman has been taking a closer look at that. what do you see there, tom? >> we don't know if this is actually his page but it seems to be and it was set up very recently, just on january 21st a page was set up under chris dorner's name, details about his life, that sort of thing. and then the next day, more than 200 photographs were dumped into this site. things that seemed to chronicle the passage of a person's life. you mentioned that manifesto. he said that this may not seem
1:33 pm
like the smiling guy that you've known all of these years. many of these photographs would portray him to be a happy person going through his life. this is him being recognized by a former police chief bill bratton. he's wearing a military uniform there. is.itary service as part of all smiling times apparently as a police officer wn he appeared to be happy ther a posted online some of the commendations and recognitions that he received as amember of the police department. and then he wen to some things that are basically like the manifesto, political thought. thisr photograph of martha stewarand snoop dogg, only one of them is a convicted felon. there is a symbol from the group anonymous which we know has created a lot of turmoil in a lot of places. and this picture of a tombstone with the family name dorner on
1:34 pm
it. this facebook page was set up very recently. a lot of information dumped there. no doubt it's what authorities are looking at. >> people are searching all over southern california for him. stand by. we're going to get more information and have much more on this developing story here in "the situation room." let's turn now to what is going on here in washington. catholic bishops are responding to the obama administration for the latest proposal for providing women with contraceptive coverage and they are not happy about it. let's break it down in our strategy session. joining us is cornell belcher. n contributor, former bush white house speecriter david fr he's a contributing editor at the daily beast. the administration came uph a resolution they thought,
1:35 pm
catholic institutions, universities or hospitals and rafits women. but now not so fast. president of the u.s. conference of catholic bishops says this, among other things. it appears that the government would require all employees in our accommodated ministries to have the illicit coverage they may not opt out, nor even opt out for their children under a separate policy. the stakes are so high, we will not cease from our effort to assure that health care for all does not mean freedom for few. so what does that mean? >> well, we have to take a step back to go to the beginning of the story. this is a confrontation that vice president biden tried to warn the situation away from. aside from government itself, the very largest. historically they have been given wide leeway to do their good works in the way that they felt was called for. if they didn't feel that they were fulfilling a religious
1:36 pm
mandate, they wouldn't be doing this. the government historically has said, you do it your way and we will not second guess you. the obama administration took a big step forward to second guessing and they then took a half step backward. the catholic church is saying, can we please go back to the pre2008 understanding of the relationship between social services and the government? you let us do it our way. we're doing good work. >> cornell, you know the vice president is a catholic. >> they are saying if you have religious issues with this, you can opt out. so i'm really scratching my head about this. again, i think the majority of americans are where the president is on this. we have the largest gender gap in modern times in the last election so it's fairly clear where women are on this issue. i think the catholic church needs to come to the 21st century on this issue and stop fighting this, frankly. >> if you would like to join the
1:37 pm
catholic churnl and argue from within. it's not for those of us who are not catholic how to organize -- of course the majority of americans disagree. the majority of americans are not catholics. they deserve, as all religious groups do, such important work some latitude. >> the women who work for those organizations deserve their freedom, too. >> you know, when we look at any organization, it's always possible to find inside that organization, people don't like the way the organization runs things. but the question is, are we going to empower those individuals at the expense of abolishingll kinds of religious leeway. i'm jewish. i don't agree wul all of the teachings of the salvation army. i respect what they do. >> i disagree with the fact that we're abolishing their freedom if we're allowing women the right to choose and belong to this organization, i don't understand why we're putting the
1:38 pm
organization above individual rights. >> we're going to get some reaction from the white house on this latest statement from cardinal dolan and see where we go from here. john brennan, as the ci. director, do you think he's going to have any problem getting confirmed? >> that was tough grilling. >> he's being asked some tough questions. >> he's being asked some tough questions but he's getting a lot of personal deference and respect and they are relate gating old fights of the cia. they are not criticizing john brennan. they are criticizing the institution that he is going to head. >> and according to democrats, a lot of tough stuff -- >> >> right. they don't like his role in the enhanced interrogation and drones targeting u.s. citizens. >> after 9/11, i think the american people gave the executive branch extraordinary leeway. >> is that good or bad? >> i think it's ultimately a
1:39 pm
good thing. the executive branch gets away with stuff that frankly before 9/11 they couldn't. so for those senators drilling brennan, the problem is this. you're really trying to block the guy who was the architect for aggressively killing people or trying to kill us. you don't want to be on that side of this discussion. >> guys, we've got to leave it right there. let's continue to watch brennan's confirmation hearing as well. thanks for coming in. it's a story of uncommon valor and battle. we're going to the front lines of afghanistan as a staff sergeant leads his soldiers against a brutal fight against insurgent. s. why not make the day unforgettable? with two times the points on travel, from taxis to trains. you'll be asking why not, a lot. chase sapphire preferred. there's more to enjoy.
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former staff sergeant clint
1:43 pm
romesha is set to receive the military's highest honor. he led his team in the out post of the mountains of afghanistan. cnn anchor jeff tapper takes us inside one of the deadliest attacks inside american forces there. >> combat out post keating was built 2006. the location was a trap, evident from the moment his troop arrived in may 2009. >> what was your first reaction? >> the first reaction was everybody that stood there, this
1:44 pm
is a pretty indefensible spot. >> i thought we were supposed to be on top of a map. this is crazy. i mean, that's how i felt. shooting it up. i was there, you know. i can't be like, this is stupid. >> this is a part of the world, the hindu kush mountain region. and combat outpost keating was put at the bottom of three steep mountains. soldiers have been fatally attacked there before. in 2007, private chris five officer. in 2008, captain rob yestes and near there, captain tom bostic. as lethal as its position was the outpost's terrain. the kampb was named for
1:45 pm
lieutenant ken keating killed when his truck rolled over the side of the road leading to the camp. >> i knew it was a bad spot and knew that previous commanders had expired there. but to sit there and dig up every little detail on it, you know, it wasn't healthy for the guys to be exposed to that kind of information. >> so your very first day at combat outpost keating there was an attack and a soldier with the platoon leaving, shane, got a massive head wound. other people got sprinkled with slamp nel. >> it gave you that instant sense, we're not over here selling girl scout cookies, guys. we're in a real fight. >> romesha and his man knew it was not a question of if there would be a major attack but
1:46 pm
when. >> jake is joining us now. you can see such emotion from this sergeant romesha. how is he feeling now, looking back at what happened in october of 2009? >> he's a very modest guy. that will come across in our special tonight at 10:00 eastern. he's a very humble guy. he's one that doesn't like talking so much about his own valorous option. it was the men who served under him when he led them to take the camp back when it was overran by the taliban. he's somebody who is very aware of things that did not go the way of the americans that way. he blames himself still for troops that were lost that day, even though there's nothing that he could have done to save them, they are still very, very tough on him receives when it comes to the eight men that were killed that day. >> he is a real, real hero and
1:47 pm
he will be honored. i want to alert our viewers, jake has a special tonight. jake tapper reports "an american hero" it airs at 10:00 p.m. eastern only here on cnn. john brennans wasn't the only administration official taking heat up on capitol hill today. up next, the reason the outgoing defense secretary leon panetta is giving for why the u.s. military could not save lives in benghazi. get ready for a lot more of that new-plane smell. we're building the youngest, most modern fleet among the largest us airlines to ensure that you are more comfortable and connected than ever. we are becoming a new american.
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1:50 pm
today the nation's top defense officials try to explain why the u.s. military couldn't come to the aid of the united states ambassador chris stevens and the other personnel who died
1:51 pm
during september's terrorist attack in benghazi, libya. what started as an impartial hearing quickly turned into a blame game. chris lawrence is joining us with details. chris, it got pretty ugly at certain points? >> that's an understatement, wolf. at one point, leon panetta said, the u.s. military is not some 911 service that can arrive on the scene within minutes anywhere in the world. pentagon officials took the stand but it seemed like president obama was the one on trial. >> did the president show any curiosity about how is this going, what kind of assets do you have helping these people? did he ever make that phone call? >> senators demanded to know why they didn't place assets close enough to help stop the siege on the american consulate. >> were there any ac-130 gun ships within 1,000 miles of benghazi, libya? >> no, sir. >> the fact is, the closest gun
1:52 pm
ship was in afghanistan, more than 4,000 miles away. but defense secretary leon panetta argues they didn't have enough intel to use it anyway. >> you can't just willy-nilly send f-16s there and blow the hell out of a place without knowing what's taking place. >> panetta said they can't be everywhere and pointing to 281 threats to diplomats and ambassadors around the world. >> obviously benghazi was one of those almost 300 areas of concern. >> i've seen some of those estimates and none of them rose to the level of the threat in benghazi. >> pentagon officials say they were aware the consulate needed security help. >> general hamm called to see if they wanted to extend the special security team there and was told no. >> your responses, general dempsey, are very inadequate and, in my opinion, the same kind of inadequacy for the
1:53 pm
security that you provided at that consulate. >> in the end, the questioning came back to the president, what he knew and when. >> did you ever call him and say, mr. president, it looks like we don't have anything to get there any time soon? >> i -- the event was over before -- >> it lasted almost eight hours. >> wow. you know, the marines did not have a guard unit obviously at the guard mission in benghazi but that could be changing. secretary panetta stated that more training and equipment could be coming to those guard units and also an expanded mission beyond their core priority of protecting classified materials at these compounds. >> yeah. they've got to learn the lessons from what happened in benghazi to make sure it never happens again. chris lawrence, thanks very much. violent protests are once again raging in the same place that the so-called arab spring was born.
1:54 pm
lisa sylvester is monitoring that. lisa, what's the latest? >> the violence still continues. police armed with teargas canisters are battling these protesters that have erupted in the capital of tunisia. after a brief calm overnight, it's the second day of protest after a popular leader was gunned down yesterday. no one has claimed responsibility for that attack. late yet, the prime minister called for new elections. and the federal reserve is admitting that it has been hacked. phone numbers and other information has been stolen and published. a fed spokesman said hackers exploited, rather, a quote temporary vulnerability that has been fixed. the hacker group anonymous has claimed responsibility for that attack. and japan's military scrambles combat jets after two russian jets entered their air space. they left a minute later without
1:55 pm
incident. russia denies the charge. the jets were near islands disputed since world war ii and it's the second dispute for japan after accusing china of putting a radar lock on one of its vessels in the east china sea. we reported on that yesterday. >> we'll see what happens on the third day tomorrow. thank you for that report. we're looking into some mysterious court hearings involving one of washington's most notorious murder cases. up next, why there's so much secrecy involving the new developments in the killing of the young intern chandra levy.
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then you're going to love this. right now they're only $14.95! wow-a grt deal just got a whole lot better. hurry. $14.95 won't last. it's a case that gripped the nation. a young woman murdered in a wooded area right here in the nation's capital. a man was accused of killing chandra levy in 2010 but some secretive hearings going on in washington are adding a new level of intrigue in this case. our brian todd is watching what is going on. what's happening at this hearing, todd? >> reporter: wolf, reporters are being let into the courtroom but we are not being told the substance of these hearings. what we do know from court
1:59 pm
papers is that the hearings have to do with the safety of someone involved and the reliability of a witness. a case that many of us had thought ended more than two years is revived in mysterious court hearings. the man convicted in 2010 of murdering washington intern chandra levy is brought back into d.c. court, displaying a large tattoo covering his scalp. the court has ordered the contents of all of the hearings to be kept from the public, despite legal appeals from the media. >> we're very disappointed with the court leaving in place essentially blanket secrecy. >> reporter: secrecy that could last for months. the judge has a concern for someone involved in the case. no one is allowed to say who. >> this was a terrible crime of violence. the witnesses have histories of violence. so there could be violence threatened against any number of
2:00 pm
people, participants or even outsiders to the case. >> reporter: levy, an intern with the bureau of prisons, disappeared in may 2001. her remains were not found until a year after her disappearance. he killed her in a park in washington. he has repeatedly denied involvement. this case involved a swarm of media coverage because levy had an affair with gary condit. he denied being involved in the disappearance and was never charged. what are the new hearings about? >> this relates to some information relating to the reliability of a government witness. >> reporter: armando morales testified that was not deek kay confessed to him that he killed levy while in jail. it's not clear if this is the
2:01 pm
testimony in question. there were two other key witnesses testifying in was not deek kay's trial, two woom women saying that he attacked them in the same park. it's not clear if those are the two women in question either. i spoke to chandra levy's father. he said that the family is not being told that anything is going on but he is concerned that something is going to happen with the conviction of was not deek kay, wolf. >> and gary con dit, do we know what happened -- where is he now? >> reporter: wolf, he's been pretty elusive. he invested in two baskin-robbins stores in the phoenix area in the late 2000s. that deal went sour and he did not pay franchise fee. he was ordered to pay some $45,000 in a court dispute out in the phoenix area but other than that, he's not made much news in the last few years. >> let us know what happens. thank you. and you're in "the situation room." happening now, a massive manhunt for a former police officer, now
2:02 pm
an accused killer. chilling details of what happened as a young boy was snatched from a school bus, this one sending off a hostage crisis. and hundreds of flights canceled. new york city under a blizzard warning as the northeast braces for a powerful, dangerous storm. we want to welcome our viewers in the united states and around the world. i'm wolf blitzer. you're in "the situation room." we begin with a massive, dangerous storm threatening the northeastern part of the united states. as i said, new york is under a blizzard warning. so far, airlines have already canceled, get this, more than 1500 flights. amtrack cutting service as well. our severe weather expert, our meteorologist chad myers is tracking the storm for us. chad, first of all, what's the latest forecast? >> the forecast, two computer models that we use don't agree and i'll tell you why.
2:03 pm
i'll tell you what they both say and you can make your decision. i'll tell you which one i believe. it's the cold air that's going to come into new york city. here's the rain coming in across parts of georgia. those two storms are going to try to combine. remember the time that something combined, we called it superstorm sandy? this is actually going to have hurricane-force winds with it as it comes through our area and into the northeast for the rest of this weekend. winds are going to be 70 miles per hour as the two storms come together and it's called a coastal bomb, a big low pressure off the east coast making blizzard conditions from boston to maine all the way back now, blizzard warnings into new york city. new york city proper, all of the bureaus for new york city and the counties out in long island, including all of connecticut, road eye island, boston. a storm surge, a coastal low. last time we talked about storm surge, sandy. it's going to be five feet this time. not the 12 to 14 feet we saw
2:04 pm
with sandy. we're going to have big waves as well. waves could be big on tomorrp o that surnl. the computers are not agreeing that these are going to come together as a receiver and a football player and quarterback getting together on a long bomb pass. 17 inches on this model for boston. only 5 1/2 or 6 for new york city on this model. but the one that we're really worried about, and it's often more important, the more accurate model, is this. 23 inches for new york city, 38 for boston. so you kind of have to use some judgment here. are we really going to get 38? no, probably not. so maybe 18 to 30 for boston but if you get 8, 15, 20 inches of snow, that city is going to be stranded for some time, wolf. >> it certainly will be. it will be pretty chaotic. give us a little perspective, chad. i grew up in buffalo, new york.
2:05 pm
you lived in western new york for part of your career as well. a lot of us remember that blizzard in buffalo in the '70s. it was a huge blizzard in boston in the '70s. give us a contrast, a per specs specific, how would this compare to that? >> the one in '78, 20.1, in 2003, 20.6 and the computer model on this is almost 40. so that would be worse than that. and just getting that snow out of the city streets will be tremendous. i mean, you may not ever seen 30 inches of snow anywhere. but there may be 12-foot drifts that you have to try to get through just to get out of your house. my biggest concern, wolf, is that we get snow like this. even if it's 20 inches, but people are on the highway too late. you don't get off the roads by noon tomorrow. there's a wreck in front of you, you have to stop and you have to stop and wait for that to clear. three hours later, there's eight inches of snow all around your
2:06 pm
car and you're not moving. all of a sudden, there are thousands of cars stuck on the highways and the national guard has to come out and get you. well, if they can't get to everybody, you're stuck in your car without heat, without energy, without food, 24, 48 hours. the wind is going to blow 60, 70 miles per hour, people are in danger if you don't stay home. don't go to school. the boston mayor said, we are not opening schools tomorrow. i want all of you out of our streets by noon. he was serious. i watched his press conference at 12:30. he's concerned that people are going to put themselves in danger if they don't take precautions for a storm of this magnitude. >> very quickly, power outages. how worried should folks be worried about that? >> at least 100,000 people without power. the winds here across boston up into new hampshire, if you're going to be blowing winds at 75 miles per hour and you already have snow on the trees, there could easily be a million people
2:07 pm
without power and those power line companies can't get back up in their buckets, can't get in their trucks until the winds come down below 25. providence, winds up to 59 miles per hour. 70 miles per hour wind with this storm expected. >> chad, thank you. good advice to our viewers as well. to get the latest storm tracking, send us your ireports at other news, including some developing news out of california. he's a former officer who's declared war on the police. he's already killed three people and he's the subject of a massive manhunt in southern california. christopher jordan dorner is wanted for the slaying of two people during the weekend, one the daughter of a former los angeles police officer. he's also accused of ambushing two police officers in
2:08 pm
riverside, california, overnight, one of whom died. >> of course he knows what he's doing. we trained him. he was also a member of the armed forces. it is extremely worrisome and scary, especially to the police officers involved. you know, the riverside officers were cowardly ambushed. they had no opportunity to fight back. no prewarning. you know, imagine, imagine going about your workday having to worry about that threat. >> cnn's brooke baldwin has more on dorner and what police say is a trail of murder. >> 2008, christopher jordan dorner, just three years on the job as a los angeles cop is fired. he allegedly made false statements about a training officer. dorner leaves the force bitter. in a lengthy letter apparently written by dorner and provided to cnn today by an lapd source,
2:09 pm
he allegedly threatened to use his navy training to harm police officers involved in his case and the families. quoting here, i will bring uncon convenience nal and asymmetrical warfare to those in lapd uniform whether on or off duty. now to sunday night, an irvine couple is shot to death in the parking deck of their apartment complex. the victims here, monica quan and her fiancee. quan's father was a retired lapd cop who worked with dorner. wednesday night, police name christopher jordan dorner the chief suspect in the sunday night murders. police warn the public he is armed and dangerous. dorner is a navy reservist who is known to be a skilled marksman. thursday, around 1:30 in the morning pacific time, dorner is spotted in corona. dorner gets out of his truck and starts firing. one officer was grazed, the
2:10 pm
other not hurt. dorner flees. then, a short time later, another shooting involving cops. this time, in riverside where police say two officers on routine patrol are shot after being ambushed at an intersection. one officer is dead, another critically wounded. authorities are linking both thursday shootings to dorner. >> brooke baldwin reporting for us. let's get the latest now on the manhunt. cnn paul vercammen is in riverside. what are you hearing there? >> reporter: first, behind me you can see that they have sealed off many of the streets where the officer was killed and the officer was wounded. we now understand this investigation is shifting to big bear, california. that's because a car resembling -- excuse me. a truck resembling that of the suspect's vehicle was burned out
2:11 pm
in the big bear area and a source close to the investigation has told me they are now looking over and trying to positively match that truck be to dorner, the shooting suspect. and another clue about big bear, there's a school district up there, bear valley. it says that it closed the school today as a precaution because of, quote, an investigation in that area. big bear is about an hour and ten minutes and 70 miles from riverside. we can tell you, wolf, that we saw a number of squad cars come tearing out of here earlier in the day and they were headed in a way that would allow them to jump on the freeway and go to big bear. so that's the latest right now here in riverside. wolf? >> all right. we're going to check back with you, paul vercammen in riverside. much more on the manhunt coming up in the situation room, including an up close look at the weapons that the former los angeles police officer is accused of using and the others he might have.
2:12 pm
also, this -- >> all right. >> pakistan, somalia and who else? >> please remove -- >> protest from a confirmation hearing was brought to a halt. sw your chicken noodle soup but she loved it so much... i told her it was homemade. everyone tells a little white lie now and then. but now she wants my recipe [ clears his throat ] [ softly ] she's right behind me isn't she? [ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup. spending the day with my niece. i don't use super poligrip for hold because my dentures fit well. before those little pieces would get in between my dentures and my gum and it was uncomfortable. even well-fitting dentures let in food particles. super poligrip is zinc free. with just a few dabs, it's clinically proven to seal out more food particles so you're more comfortable and confident while you eat. so it's not about keeping my dentures in, it's about keeping the food particles out. [ charlie ] try zinc free super poligrip.
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looks like you're in a pickle. yeah. can you get me out of it ? just so happens i know a chap... book any flight and hotel together and get access to our free personal concierge service. any need, any question, we're on call 24/7. all right. i'm going to ask -- we're going to halt the hearing. i'm going to ask that the room be cleared and that the code pink associates not be permitted back in. done this five times now. >> protesters disrupting the confirmation hearing for john brennan. some waving signs accusing john brennan of war crimes. after the room was cleared, the proceeding continued. >> i think there is a
2:16 pm
misimpression on the part of some american people who believe that we take strikes to punish terrorists for past transgressions. nothing could be further from the truth. we only take such actions to save lives when there's no other alternative to taking an action that's going to mitigate that threat. so we need to make sure there's an understanding and the people that were understanding up here today, i really think they have a misunderstanding of what we do as a government and the care that we take and the agony we go through to make sure that we do not have any clat ral injuries or deaths. >> let's dig deeper with our chief political analyst gloria borger. how hard was brennan pushed when it came to the drones? >> it was front and center and he was pushed very hard on it. dianne feinstein came right ou and said she's proposing for legislation that would create a court that would oversee these
2:17 pm
drone strikes. so that's number one. number two, senator ron wyden, a democrat, said everyone has a right to believe when the government believes it has a right to kill them. he's pushing for more disclosure. they have made available documents written by their justice department lawyers about the drone strikes to the senators. wyden complained he didn't see enough of those documents there, that they want to see more. what we got out of this hearing was essentially the president's own party telling the incoming cia director, you need to partner with congress and let us know what you are doing because if you have nothing to hide about the justification for these drone strikes, then don't hide it. >> it's a big deal. >> it is. very big deal. >> chuck hagel to become the next defense secretary 24 hours ago the chairman of the senate
2:18 pm
armed committee said they are not going to vote on his confirmation today and spoke to carl levin and said this. >> we can't not vote because there's dissatisfaction on the part of the people because that would be endless. we're going to schedule a vote as soon as we're ready to have a vote. i think this confirmation looks very much on track to me. >> so what are the republicans trying to achieve? >> here's what's interesting. we have the two confirmation hearings going on. brennan you saw today defending the drone strikes, for example. you see with chuck hagel where he has to defend himself. it's not the administration, because he has become the target here. what republicans are trying to do and they've asked for more information, financial information regarding corporations or entities that hagel has been affiliated with and whether they have any foreign investment.
2:19 pm
they are asking for this more paperwork and what they are trying to do is build momentum against him. and you just heard the chairman say, you know what, we're going to put up with this for a little bit but not forever because they believe they are fishing and they believe they can get hagel confirmed. >> they think they will get him confirmed in the end but even administration officials are grum belg that he didn't necessarily help himself. >> i've never seen anything like it, wolf. they are grum belg out loud about it. they believe he didn't prepare well enough. he's met with 75 senators but even all of those meetings were not enough to counter his bad performance before the committee. and so he created these problems for himself. in the end, though, no democrats are wavering. they think they've got 55 solid votes for him and they think a filibuster would be completely unsuccessful. >> gloria, thanks very much. >> uh-huh. >> meanwhile, shocking new details emerging right now about
2:20 pm
what happened on that school bus just minutes before a 5-year-old boy was taken hostage. that's next. stay with us. you're in "the situation room." list of almost two thousand corporate partners - companies like microsoft, american red cross and adobe - to create options for you. not only that, we're using what we learn from these partners to shape our curriculum, so that when you find the job you want you'll be a perfect fit. let's get to work.
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2:22 pm
2:23 pm
is. a man nabbed in a failed plot to blow up the federal reserveg bank pleading guilty to using a weapon of mass destruction. lisa sylvester is monitoring that and some of the other stories in "the situation room." lisa, what's going on? >> wolf, the 21-year-old bangladeshi man says he expresses remorse. he was arrested in october just as he prepared to detonate what he thought was a 1,000 pound
2:24 pm
bomb in front of the building. he's facing a possible life sentence and a $250,000 fine. michelle obama will face the funeral service of the 15-year-old girl gunned down. the honor student had just been here in washington performing in guess stiff festivities. police say she had no gang affiliation and was likely not the intended target. iran has released footage of a drone they claim to have knocked down in 2007. it was posted to youtube. cnn cannot independently verify the authenticity of this video. at the time of the incident, u.s. officials acknowledge the drone was missing and president obama asked iran to return it. and it is off to the racetrack, at least the ice racing event of stock cars is a winter tradition in, where else,
2:25 pm
minnesota. drivers use studded front tires and added weight in the back for more traction. roll bars are installed to keep accidents nothing more than that. it's unbelievable they are going that fast on ice. a few of them get sidelined. >> i just hope they are safe. >> i know. i look at it and say, often ice, really? i'm assuming all is well and all is safe, wolf. >> assurely. we're following the manhunt in california where a man is suspected in three killings.
2:26 pm
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2:28 pm
let's get back to one of our top stories. in southern california, a manhunt is under way for a fired los angeles policeman suspected in a series of attacks that has
2:29 pm
already left two people dead and one wounded. it all started on sunday. police say christopher jordan dorner shot and killed two people in irvine. then, last night he attempted but failed to steal a boat in san diego. at 1:25 a.m. this morning california time he got into a shootout with police in chino but got away. two hours later he misled in riverside. he is still at large. to learn more, let's bring in joe johns. joe, there's some pretty sophisticated weapons. what do we know? >> from a law enforcement standpoint, it's not just the fact that he's trained in law enforcement or that he was also in the military. both of these elements play a part. what's also scary is the firepower he claims to have at
2:30 pm
his disposal and christopher dorner says he has a barrett .50 caliber rifle. it's a larnler rifle that has a bigger kick. some say it's a rifle sniper and can put a round on a target from a mile away. those rounds are huge. just to give you a sense of how big the rounds are, let's take a look right now, if i can move this down. here you go. just an idea, comparing it to some of the rounds from resolvers, for example, a .357 magnum. now let's take a look at how it compares to a $5 bill. that gives you at least some sense of what we're talking about here. it's well known that .50 calibers are good anti-vehicle guns because you can straight through a vehicle's engine block. in fact, lapd pointed out that one of the encounters this
2:31 pm
morning dorner allegedly disabled a vehicle at the scene, which would make sense if this was the type of rifle that was used in the shooting. former atf official told us just how much damage this weapon could do. >> you can disabled cars, if a s.w.a.t. team wasmcoming with heavy mornt there's ad possibility that it could penetrate that, ballistic shields, any of those kinds of things. >> it turns out that the .50 caliber is in the middle of the national gun debate. the state of california banned .50 caliber rifles and got an angry response from the manufacturing company which started selling them. barrett .50 caliber guns are illegal and police officers can't even have them but dorner
2:32 pm
claims he may have more than one. this thing is scary, too. the sa-7 man pad, a russian-made surface to air missile launcher. it is illegal in the united states. in fact, thetate department says on its website, anyone with knowledge of an illicit man patch should contact the fbi. pretty scary weapons if that's what he says he has, wolf. all we know is he says in his man sfes stow that he has these. >> very scary. there are already people dead. we're going to stay on top of the story here in "the situation room." coming up during the 6:00 p.m. eastern hour, we're going to talk about this with charles moose who was the chief police during the cereal killings linked to the so-called d.c. sniper. much more on the story coming up. also, shocking new details emerging right now in the wake of that alabama hostage standoff. we're now learning exactly what
2:33 pm
happened on the school bus in the frantic moments before the 5-year-old ethan was grabbed and his bus driver was killed trying to protect him and the other children. cnn's martin savidge is joining us now with more object the latest what are you learning, martin? >> reporter: wolf, to everyone down here, charles poland jr. is the only thing that stood between jimmy lee dykes and the children on the bus. we actually have found another witness that bears that out. the camera on board the bus. >> we have bus the driver shot, child is being held in a bunker. >> until now, people had assumed that the showdown between the bus driver happened in seconds. sources close to the investigation tell cnn the drama
2:34 pm
escalated over 4 1/2 minutes. authorities know exactly what happened because of something that's common on most modern school buses these days. a camera mounted right here that rolled on it all, capturing it on videotape. according to those who have been briefed on the video and witness statements, dykes boarded the bus armed with a gun and handed a note to poland demanding to take several children. 5-year-old ethan is is in the front seat because poland liked to keep watch over the special needs child. poland refuses, telling dykes he's responsible for these kids. as he does, he stands and places himself directly between an armed dykes and his armed passengers. dykes is heard telling poland, i'm going to kill you if you get in the way. poland doesn't relent, buying precious time. older students at the back of the bus open the emergency exit. something they knew to do because twice a year they are
2:35 pm
required to practice emergency evacuation drills. children began jumping out the back, running away down the road. again, dykes reportedly tells poland, i'm going to shoot you. a clearly frightened but steadfast poland refuses to back down. as more kids continue to flee. then dykes fires four times, killing poland, he grabs 5-year-old ethan and leaves. poland, like all alabama school bus drivers was required to take special training and refresh you are courses on intruder emergencies. >> from the information that i received, he did use that training to save those children. >> he was protecting the lives of the 21 children. he helped escape. >> local municipal judge was so moved by poland's actions, he sat down monday night and wrote an emotional letter to the president, asking can poland be given the medal of freedom. >> i know you get a lot of letters from ordinary citizens during your day to day job of being a president. i would hope that you would take
2:36 pm
this in part, thanking you in advance for your prompt attention to this matter. it's tough. >> reporter: you know, wolf, this story has touched a lot of emotions down here, including that of federal agents and the special agent involved in the fbi down here. he said in a statement, quote, we came in as uninvited guests and the entire community has welcomed us like neighbors. we will never be able to thank them enough. again, that coming from the head of the fbi down here that came to free the child. wolf? >> martin savidge on the scene for us doing some excellent reporting as he always does. we appreciate it very much. this note to our viewer. tonight 9:00 p.m. eastern our piers morgan will talk about what the family of ethan is likely going through in the aftermath of the standoff, the guest is the mother of jaycee
2:37 pm
dugard who was missing for 18 years. karl rove versus ashley judd. the attack ad against the potential senate candidate. [ chuckles ] yeah, mon. come on! don't fret, me brotha. sticky bun come soon. ♪ yeah, wicked coffee, mista jim! julia, turn da frown de other way around! hey, dave, you're from minnesota, right? yes, i! da land of ten thousand lakes. the gopher state! so in conclusion, things are pretty dismal... you know what this room needs? a smile. who want to come with i? [ jimmy cliff's "c'mon, get happy" plays ] ♪ you guys are three minutes late. [ caribbean accent ] don't be no cloud on a sunny day! [ caribbean accent ] yeah, chill, winston. sir?
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likely going through in the
2:40 pm
she's not officially a candidate yet but ashley judd is getting a taste of what she could face if she decides to run for the united states senate. jim acosta is working the story for us. jim, what's going on with ashley judd? >> well, that's what the maker of this ad is doing. it's been three months since election day and already there's an attack ad targeting actress ashley judd who may be
2:41 pm
auditioning for a high-profile senate seat in kentucky next year. grab your popcorn. this race could be a real cliff hanger. for hollywood actress and democratic activist, ashley judd, it could be a sneak preview of coming attractions. >> he is now able to flower more as the president i knew he could be. >> this week, she's the unwitting star in a gop superstar attack ad that's aimed at weakening a judd for senate campaign next year in her childhood home state of kentucky. the spot not only mocks her support for barack obama but her new found love for tennessee. >> someone who will never forget where she came from. >> and it just clicked. tennessee is home. and it just clicked. >> kentucky. >> tennessee is home. >> this is a way to get under her skin a little bit and show her what a campaign would really be like. >> the ad, from the karl
2:42 pm
rove-led group american crossroads, mitch mcconnell has already launched his 2014 re-election can campaign. >> the reason you are here today is because they want to take me out. >> saying he wanted to make president obama a one-term president, mcconnell is saying that democrats are coming after him. but with a movie star, he wouldn't comment. >> i'm not going to start saying who might be an opponent. i have no idea. what i do think is the party is going to make sure i have one. >> judd could be a serious contender. she's made a name for herself and spoke at the party's convention last year. >> there's rich history of actors making a move to politics. ronald reagan went from hollywood to president. >> but judd is only one of a number of new targets for rove who will take on gop candidates deemed too conservative to win statewide races, thinks such
2:43 pm
losing candidates as christine o'donnell and todd akin and sfeef king considering his own senate bid sent out an e-mail saying rove is launching attacks at me. >> if we have a chance to launch a seat, we don't want a christine o'donnell or todd akin to destroy that effort. >> rove's group says it's too early to say for iowa but judd says that she thanks them for the senate but it's one project she has not green-lighted as of yet. >> we'll see if she does. >> will add a lot of drama. >> jim askos sta, thanks very much. general musharraf sits down with me weeks before returning home where he's now a very, very wanted man. [ male announcer ] when we built the cadillac ats from the ground up to be the world's best sport sedan... ♪
2:44 pm
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2:46 pm
2:47 pm
an update now on that l.a. manhunt suspect. one of our top stories here in "the situation room." in addition to posting his manifesto online, the suspect, christopher dorner, also reached out directly to cnn, mailing a parcel to "ac 360" anderson cooper's office over at cnn in new york. the package arrived on the 1st of february and was opened by cooper's assistant. inside the package, a hand-labeled dvd with a post-it note reading, i never lied. apparently in reference to his 2008 dismissal from the lapd. also in the package, a coin wrapped in tape duct bearing the
2:48 pm
handwritten inscription, thanks but no thanks, will bratton, as well as the letters iaob which is imagine a more open america. as for the coin, it's a souvenir from the former lapd chief william bratton. a type often handed out as ke s keepsakes by the police. this one shot through with a bullet hole and another shot off the top. upon learning of its existence, alerted mr. bratton and law enforcement. we're going to have much more on this story coming up in "the situation room" in the next hour. other news, when i recently sat down with a former pakistani president general perez musharraf here in washington, i had a real feeling of dread. the conversation was early
2:49 pm
similar to one i had had with the former pakistani president bhutto five years ago shortly before she was assassinated. the former pakistani president, once a close ally to the united states, now is a wanted man in his homeland. he tells me he's willing to risk imprisonment and even his life to return to the country he fled nearly four years ago. >> are you going back to pakistan? >> i am. >> why in. >> because i think pakistan needs me. because i think i can contribute towards stabilizing the problems in pakistan. >> musharraf became president in june 2001, just before 9/11. he allied himself with president george w. bush in the war against terror. but the support of the u.s. couldn't protect him from growing opposition at home. he resigned in 2008, facing the threat of impeachment.
2:50 pm
he refused to answer charges leveled against him and fled to london. >> there's a warrant out for your arrest if you come back to pakistan. >> the arrest war rent is not because i have been found guilty of anything. the arrest warrant is because i haven't appeared in court. i didn't go because i know that there would have been judicial activity there, polarization of cases against me and then there was a threat, also. now that i've seen what is happening in pakistan, i believe i have to take the risk to go back and in that i have to fight the cases in the courts. >> there were all sorts of charges pending against the nearly 70-year-old musharraf, including illegally detaining judges and even their families. the crackdown led to huge protest its led by lawyers. it was the first organized emergence against measures imposed by musharraf before he
2:51 pm
fell from power. >> in my experience, the best case scenario, if you go back, you'll be arrested. the worst case scenario is that threat will materialize and someone will kill you. >> you are correct on both counts. but if i get arrested, that doesn't mean that i'll be in jail for the rest of my life. because there are cases against me are all trumped up and por lar rise cases. in legal cases, they have no feet to stand by so therefore i am going to fight them in the courts and i'm sure i'll be vindicated. the case, because there are no casest( actually against me. >> do you want to go to jail in pakistan? is it worth it to go back, to wind up and spend at least a few years in+ a prison? >> i don't think -- i don't think that will happen.a5 i don't think qe1so. >> but theñi other option is ev worse.q te will ki. someonemyxdc will kill you i k
2:52 pm
pakistan. and you must be scared. you haven't been back in threet or four years. >> again, we are taking a doomsday scenario whereñi we ar i don't think this worst willçó happen. now were as far ast( somebody ping to kill me, yes, indeed, i have to take security measures, which i will. and althoughçó i can say that there isn't 100% guarantee of security, butt( we'll try tor maximum security i'lllp take.lp and i hope that such ant(e1 ext outcome will not take place. >> i reminded musharraf that i had an eerilyñi similar conversa4$mnçó withñi former pr minister benazirg in washington, before she returned to pakistanxd after ni years in self-imposedjf exile. she was assassinated, just like her father before her. she told me she knewjf her life was on the line. your family has a history, unfortunately, afá tragic histo, of t(assassination. >> i know the past has been
2:53 pm
tragic, but i'm an optimist by nature. i put my faith in the people of for a good cause,fá for@ cause, to save pakistan from extremists and militants, and to build regional security. i know the dangers are there, the united states, she forwarded a letter to me and asked that i keep it lpfáconfidential. she said, don't report this, unless something happens to me. and the day she was assassinated, i wentt( on cnn a i rea'y the note that she left behind. i'm going to read it to you right now.fáq happen. just wanted youlp to know, if i does, in addition to thexd name in my letter to mus0táp# of october 16th, i would hold musharraf lpresponsible. i have been made to feel insecure by his minions. and there is no way what is gu in terms of stopping me from takingnb private carse jammers or police mobiles to cover all sides could happen koi you're familiar with that note, she left behind, blaming you, in
2:54 pm
effect, for her assassination. and i would like you to respond to that. because you're about to do what sheko did. >> well, yes. anyone. i think this is very unfair to blame the president of a country, to provide securityk&' her, butñi however, i know that total securityq was provided to her. you gave her the security she needed? >> yes. >> you were the president? >> yes. >> she said you could have ordered more security. you're saying that'sok not possible?lp >> again, jfno, obviously, i wasn't as sort of, a president who wasñiñ@vithout any influencr without any word, like some presidents in the past. i had my standing, obviously. >> of course. >> but officially, e1xdlegally, constitutionally, the president it's the prime minister who runs the government, with his minutes and the interior minister. >> what guaranteei] do you have you will have adequate security, from the government, of pakistan, if you goxd back to r
2:55 pm
for election?y1 >> they are supposed to provide call, and where these things are laid down. they have to providef íecurity o an ex-president or ex-prime minister. but, of course,i] as i said,xj( quality of that security may be wanting. one doesn't expect top security as infác developed countri%$ìc% musharraf says he will fly back to pakistan in march.i]lp so canjf you be overweight d healthy? that's the battle right now between the new jersey governor white house çóphysician. it's a story that's starting right here in "the situation room." [ male announcer ] zzzquil™ sleep-aid. it's not for colds. it's not for pain. it's just for sleep.
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for 12 months today. liberty mutual insurance. responsibility. what's your policy? day three of an escalating public battle between the republican new jersey governor chris christie and a former white house doctor, triggered by a cnn report we first brought you right here in "the situation room." the big question, can you be fat and healthy? here's cnn's senior medical correspondent, elizabeth cohen. >> reporter: it all started when new jersey governor chris christie made light of his much talked about weight problem. >> i've made jokes about you,
2:59 pm
not just one or two, not just ongoing, here and there, intermittent, but -- >> reporter: but in a widely publicized cnn interview, a former white house doctor says she's worried christie could die in office. >> i worry that he may have a heart attack, he may have a stroke. it's almost like a time bomb waiting to happen, unless he addresses those issues. >> reporter: but christie fired back, calling her a hack. he says he's healthy, despite his weight. >> my cholesterol is normal, believe it or not. >> that's pretty good. >> yeah. >> what about your blood sugar? >> blood sugar, also normal. >> also normal. >> yeah. i'm like, basically, the healthiest fat guy you've ever seen in your life. >> so who's right? can you be obese and healthy? well, doctors tell cnn that even if your blood sugar and cholesterol and other numbers
3:00 pm
are normal, being that overweight, in and of itself, is bad for you. even if your arteries aren't clogged, being obese with enlarge your heart, which can lead to heart failure. and all that weight can put a strain on your kidneys, cause gallbladder and pancrea problems. even christie realizes that being heavy isn't good for you. >> so far, up to 50 years old, i've been remarkably healthy. and, you know, my doctor continues to warn me that my luck is going to run out relatively soon. so it's something i'm very conscious of. >> reporter: if christie wants to be president and wants to lose weight before he gets to the white house, doctors tell cnn, he could do it. they say the diet plan might likely include drugs, liquid diets, or surgery, and just like the road to the white house, it
3:01 pm
wouldn't be easy. i mentioned a study that said that being morbidly obese takes eight to ten years off your life. well, the average life expectancy for a man in this country is about 76. so statistically speaking, governor christie is so young, that he would -- again, statistically speaking, survive a term in office and even two terms in office. wolf? >> elizabeth cohen, thanks very, very much. happening now, a cop killer at large. police across california are hunting down one of their own. there's now a cnn, a cnn connection to this story. a region terrified by a shooting rampage. we have insights from the top cop during an infamous killing spree here in the washington, d.c. area. the president's choice to head the cia is grilled about his role in some of the most extreme and deadly tactics in the war on terror. and the northeast bracing for a repeat of one of the worst blizzards in memory. i'm wolf blitzer. you're in "the situation room."
3:02 pm
every hour, the manhunt for an alleged cop killer is growing more intense and more dangerous. the suspect is a fired los angeles police officer, with military training, accused of declaring a deadly war of revenge against the lapd. law enforcement officials now are on high alert across the entire state, as this manhunt plays out. it now turns out that the suspect, christopher jordan dornor reached out to cnn. first, let's get the latest from kyung lah. >> wolf, you can definitely see that officers here are on high alert at a couple of different places. the police here are carrying semi-automatic rifles at the l.a. police department, as the chief held their news conference, there were also semi-automatic rifles visible there. a show of force, because the police believe that this man
3:03 pm
will strike and will keep striking unless he's stopped. the murder spree began on sunday with a double killing of a newly engaged couple, monica quan and keith lawrence, quan, the doctor of a retired lapd captain, the officer who represented christopher dornor in front of the police board that eventually fired him. dornor referred to quan's murder in his manifesto, where he also writes, "i never had the opportunity to have a family of my own. i'm terminating yours. self-preservation is no longer important to me. i do not fear death, as i died long ago on january 2nd of '09," a date just a few months after dornor was fired as a police officer. the lapd fanned out, launching 40 protection details throughout southern california. >> this is a vendetta against all of southern california law enforcement. >> reporter: three days later, wednesday, in san diego, the lapd says dornor attempted to
3:04 pm
hijack a boat, an attempt that failed. then early this morning, an eyewitness saw dornor's vehicle an hour southwest of los angeles. police already assigned on protective detail for people mentioned in the manifesto engaged dornor. >> our officers are in proximity, as soon as they turn the right turn, the suspect's already out of the vehicle, engaging them with gunfire. >> reporter: one officer grazed in the head, unable to capture him. a short time later, another shooting in nearby riverside. two unsuspecting riverside police officers fired upon, in what police call a cowardly ambush. one seriously hurt, the other killed. >> the city mourns the deaths of monica quan, keith lawrence, and our brave riverside police officer. i also feel great sadness for the injuries suffered by my officer, the second riverside
3:05 pm
officer, and the two uninvolved citizens in torrance. >> reporter: torrance was the location of yet another shooting this morning, but not by dornor. the people inside this blue truck, similar in description no dornor's vehicle were delivering morning newspapers. officers opened fire, injuring the two inside, a sad case of mistaken identity. a city reacting to the fear of a trained, enraged killer on the loose, as he writes in his manifesto, "i will bring unconventional and asymmetrical warfare to those in lapd uniform, whether on or off-duty. isr," referring to his law enforcement training, "is my strength and your weakness. you will now live the life of the prey." >> i would tell him to turn himself in, you know. this has gone far enough. nobody else needs to die. >> reporter: now, this manhunt vigorous, ongoing, and officers may be getting a little closer in the big bear area. it's a resort area, police have
3:06 pm
found a burned out car that does match the description of the vehicle that dorner was driving. wolf? >> kyung lah, thank you, with the latest from there. let's go to riverside, california, right now. that's just east of los angeles, where two officers were ambushed in their patrol car overnight. one of them is dead. cnn's paul vercammen is joining us from the scene. what's the latest there, paul? >> reporter: well, the other officer shot here in riverside, wolf, is in stable condition at a local hospital, and police here are still hyper vigilant, concerned that perhaps the suspect might try to return to this area. however, leads seem to be pointing to big bear right now. that's about an hour and ten minutes away, 70 miles away in the mountains. sources have told us that the pickup truck in the big bear area that was seen burning does match the description of the suspect's vehicle. we also know there was a school district in the big bear area, that had school canceled today,
3:07 pm
because of, quote, what it called an investigation. no further details given. in the end, they say they will eventually catch this man. that's according to police here in riverside. let's give a listen. >> we're going to find him. you can't have this many people looking for you and not be found. obviously, if he's secreted himself, that would be -- that would be an additional complication, but he'll be found. >> reporter: and it is now a multi-agency search, spread out throughout southern california, dozens of law enforcement agencies involved in this search, now, wolf. >> reporter: paul vercammen on the scene for us. thanks very much, by the way. later this hour, we'll speak live with the riverside, california, police chief, get the latest from him. let's bring in kate balduan here. she's watching some other important stories, much more on this l.a. story coming up. but there's a blizzard that's in the works right now?
3:08 pm
>> yeah, we'll continue, obviously, to stay very close to this story, happening out in california, but here in the northeast, a huge story, as so many in the northeast are bracing for a huge snowstorm. the northeast is on emergency alert. you can absolutely image. it could look like snowmageddon once again, even worse very soon. united airlines just canceled 900 flights to the region tomorrow. that's just one airline, by the way. forecasters are warning of 2 feet of snow in new york. more than 3 feet in boston. cnn's jason carroll is in boston. jason, i can only imagine that they are preparing to batten down the hatches. >> reporter: absolutely. get ready, here it comes, kate. behind me, one of the snowplows. there are thousands of plows like this that are on the ready, ready for the state to put to use. and take a look at this. there are hundreds of locations like this, all across the state. 10,000 tons of a salt and sand mixture, ready to be used, ready
3:09 pm
to hit the streets. the blizzard now less than 12 hours away. >> we can't stress this enough. this looks, looks like it's going to be a really big storm. >> this is the real deal. >> two storm systems making their way across the country will merge, bringing to us what could be the biggest storm of the season. >> reporter: the warnings are sobering. a potentially historic winter storm, set to slam the northeast. >> this will not be a six or seven-hour storm. this looks to be a drawn-out storm, 24 hours of snow. >> reporter: meteorologists predict snowfall in some areas could reach 2 1/2 feet or more. in boston, travelers are rushing to get out of logan airport before the storm heads in. >> we're flying out tomorrow afternoon, and i just scrambled yesterday morning and changed everything up. >> it's going to be crazy later, i bet. i'm glad that it's calm right now. >> reporter: the nor'easter already being compared to the great blizzard of 1978, which left thousands stranded on highways here. this time, state and local
3:10 pm
officials cautioning people to stay home and keep roads clear. >> this is a very serious storm. >> reporter: boston's mayor says a snow emergency goes into effect noon friday. all schools will be closed. nonessential government personnel urged to stay home. >> in new england, we're used to these type of storms. but i also want to remind everyone to use common sense. >> reporter: the massachusetts department of transportation will have more than 600 ice and snow removal trucks manning the streets. 4,500 extra plows on the ready. >> we've made sure our salt stockpiles are full, beginning early friday morning, we'll start running round-the-clock snow and ice operations. >> reporter: other possible concerns, storm surges and high wind gusts. ace hardware in boston, seeing brisk business from those heeding the warnings. >> they're out there doing the plow and everything. we're excited! okay. and then you've got the ones that go, oh!
3:11 pm
>> reporter: and the governor, kate, holding a press conference, just about a half hour ago, once again, warning people to stay off the roads, thereby allowing emergency crews to get through. the only thing to do now is just brace ourselves for what could be an historically devastating blizzard. kate? >> any time we hear 2 to 3 inches of snow per hour, you've got to get ready. jason carroll, thanks so much. we'll be staying close to this story. we are looking, also, at christopher jordan dorner's facebook page. more on that and for clues about his manifesto, we'll also be talking about that and anderson cooper, who received a package from the alleged gunman. get ready for a lot more of that new-plane smell. we're building the youngest, most modern fleet among the largest us airlines to ensure that you are more comfortable and connected
3:12 pm
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3:15 pm
actually, i learned today, just today, that the suspect, christopher dorner, mailed me a parcel at my office here at cnn in new york. apparently the package arrived on the 1st of february. it was not opened by me. i did not know of its existence until today. inside the package was a hand-labeled dvd with a yellow post-it note reading in part, "i never lied," apparently in reference to his dismissal from the lapd in twau2008. what you're seeing on the screen is a coin also on the package. it was wrapped in duct-tape. the tape bears the hand-written inscription, "thanks, but no thanks," the coin is a souvenir medallion. this one was shot through with a number of bullet holes. three bullet holes to the center, another one nicked off at the top of it. my staff at "360" and cnn management and myself were made aware of this package just today, and upon, obviously, learning of its existence, we
3:16 pm
alerted mr. bradden and law enforcement. we'll have more about it tonight on "360." >> he does make a reference in that manifesto, anderson, not only to you, but also to me and other journalists as well. >> yeah, he did. he had some comments about me and had some advice for my interviewing style, i believe, but it's a very strange thing. and obviously, when i -- i just, frankly, learned about this contact he attempted to make just several hours ago. so we're trying to give you the information as we're figuring it out as well. >> yeah, he's praiseworthy of you, praiseworthy of me and a few other journalists, saying we're part of that walter cronkite tradition. that from him. anderson, i know you'll have more coming up at 8:00 p.m. eastern on "a.c. 360." we want to continue our coverage, though. we're following this huge manhunt across california, for an alleged cop killer who's also a former police officer himself. an officer was killed earlier today in the city of riverside,
3:17 pm
california. >> and joining us now for the latest details, riverside mayor, rusty bailey, as well as a police chief in riverside, sergio diaz. gentleman, it's been a very busy day for you. thank you so much, for joining us. >> and let me begin the questioning, gentleman. thanks very much. first of all, our condolences for two of your police officers who were shot in that ambush. we're really sorry, obviously, for the loss. but what can you tell us about that deadly, deadly confrontation? >> well, first and foremost, the city of riverside's heart pours out and our prayers are lifted up for the officers involved and their families. and so we will continue to support them and the city will continue to support the police chief and all law enforcement in our efforts to bring this subject to apprehension and to justice. >> thank you. you know, the most noteworthy thing about this incident is that the officers were not involved in any enforcement activity, they hadn't stopped this gentleman. they were stopped at a red light
3:18 pm
and so was he on the opposite side of the street. and he sought them out to ambush them, to kill them, without warning, without justification for no reason at all. and that is consistent with what we know that he wrote, essentially, saying that all police officers on duty and off-duty were fair game, and as were the families. >> so, clearly, gentleman, the hunt is on. what can you tell us about where the leads are in terms of where he could be. do you think he could possibly still be in riverside? should the community of riverside still be concerned? >> the city is safe and secure, and to the good work of our riverside police department, and their selfless service, continued selfless service, and all law enforcement across southern california, we thank them for their efforts to keep us, our residents safe and secure. the riverside way is to lead by example and take care of your troops. we will continue to do that here in riverside and across the southland. >> i want to emphasize that
3:19 pm
there is no connection to our city that we've been able to discern by reading the writings or through the investigation. we think that it's hard to know without interviewing this gentleman, but we think that he came upon randomly these two officers. and the last time he was seen in our city was as he fled from that scene, where he attacked the officers. so, we're not currently actively looking for him within our city. we're hoping that he is found today and that we can arrest him and bring him to justice today. >> what are you telling -- what are you telling your fellow officers, chief, about his capabilities, the weapons, what they should be doing? >> well, you know, starting last night, we received information from the fbi's joint regional intelligence center, about this person. and we shared that, starting with last night's briefings, with all of our officers, as i
3:20 pm
believe all law enforcement throughout southern california did. and what we told them is, you know, he has -- he's an individual who we know how to operate weapons, has weapons, and has expressed this ideation of venting his grievances by killing police. so we shared that with everybody, as well as his name and physical description and the vehicle that, as far as we know, he was still driving today. >> wolf, i took my daughter to school today, so i guess it's important for you to know and for the country to know and riverside to know that riverside is safe and secure. i didn't have a problem with that at all. i drove her to school and dropped her off and felt confident that our schools and our city is safe. >> i have seen reported that you met with the one officer that is wounded in the hospital earlier today. what did he tell you? did this officer know the alleged shooter, chris dorner? >> no, he did not.
3:21 pm
we have no indication at all that there was any connection between these two officers and the shooter. we believe that they were picked at random, they were probably the first uniformed officers that he came across, after engaging in that prior assault on some lapd officers in our neighboring town, corona. >> all right, guys. we really appreciate it, once again, our condolences, and we hope you catch this guy very, very soon. we will stay in close touch, mayor william bailey, sergio diaz, the police chief. good luck to you, good luck to everyone out there in southern california. >> thanks for your support and prayers. >> thanks so much for your time, gentleman. we're going to continue to follow that, as the manhunt in california continues. we're finding some surprises in the facebook page of the alleged cop killer. we will bring more of that to you in a second. and also, tough questions for the president's choice to head the cia about the use of drones to kill americans.
3:22 pm
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top national security leaders suggested the white house help arm the syrian rebels. the white house said, no. kate's here. she's got that and some of the day's other top stories. kate, what's the latest? >> this is a very interesting development, wolf. a u.s. official says the u.s. has not armed the rebels because, quote, the white house has no appetite for it. last summer, then secretary of state hillary clinton and cia director david petraeus made the proposal, but it was rejected. today, both the defense secretary and joint chiefs chairman said they also backed the plan. the white house is not commenting, but in the past, has raised concerns about weapons getting into the hands of extremists. other news we're watching,
3:26 pm
boeing's grounded 787 dreamliner is getting a bit of a lift today. the faa is announcing it will allow boeing to make test flighting to gather more data about the plane's batteries and electrical systems. meanwhile, federal safety officials say a battery that short circuited caused the fire on board a dreamliner in january. that sent the temperature inside the battery case to more than 500 degrees. investigators do not know, though, why it short circuited. and president obama carried on a tradition today and joined senate and house prayer groups at the national prayer breakfast. it's a brief pause in the political brinksmanship here in washington. it is the fifth time the president has made an appearance and he said he often looks to scripture to be a better man and a better president. >> let us pray to god that we may be worthy of the many blessings he has bestowed upon our nation. let us retain that humility, not
3:27 pm
just during this hour, but for every hour. and let me suggest that those of us with the most power and influence need to be the most humble. >> after the breakfast, the president returned to the white house and members of congress headed back to capitol hill, a brief pause in the brinksmanship, and then right back to it, i guess. >> i actually watched that prayer breakfast on c-span and it's really, really nice to see democrats, republicans, everybody get involved and do something like that. >> it is nice, yeah. >> thank you very much. we're going to get back to our top story, the alleged cop killer in california. a sudden move he made before the killings began. we're going to talk about the challenges of tracking a killer with a former police chief at the helm of a notorious murder investigation.
3:28 pm
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3:30 pm
the alleged cop killer just started posting to facebook recently, if you can even imagine, and there are dozens of pictures and postings. tom foreman is here and has been
3:31 pm
taking a closer look into all of this. tom, what are you finding? >> kate, we don't know for sure, as often is the case with facebook, that this is necessarily his page. but what we do know is that a page was started on the 21st of january, very recently, under his name, and the very next day, more than 200 photographs were dumped into it. many of them look like exactly what he mentions in this manifesto, this idea of a smiling, happy person that you would see enjoying his work. this one is of particular notice to us. you may notice he's shaking hands with this gentleman here. think what you saw about that package that was delivered that made reference to bill bratton. he signed it, "chris, all the best, bill bratton." many times they'll have souvenir coins they hand out to someone. the indication would be is if this package that anderson receive is from this man as it claims to be, the coin that was shot up, was one of those
3:32 pm
souvenir coins from bill bratton. whether he got it on this day or not, we don't really know. but that's on this facebook page, which maybe he is. pictures from the military, pictures in here from happier times, seemingly in the police department, or at least it looked that way. and then beyond the pictures, he posted some things like this, like his recognitions from when he was in the service there, and the honors he received. that's his name, right there, where it listed him of having an honorable recognition for something he did. and then he also posted some things like this. which are just things collected from the internet, which state a point of view, like, here's a picture of snoop dogg and martha stewart, where it says, stereotypes are awesome, but only one is convicted a felon. beyond that, they posted the logo of anonymous, that hacker group that's created so many turmoil in many places. and this picture of a tombstone with his family name on it. we don't know where it's from or if it's his family, but it's there. all of this very recently put on to facebook. we don't know for sure if it's his page, but certainly,
3:33 pm
investigators, kate, have to be looking at this. >> so much of this is such a mystery. tom, we'll continue to look into it. thanks so much. >> the suspected cop killer used to be a navy reserve lieutenant and those skills certainly could be helping him on the spree right now. he's out there. our pentagon correspondent, barbara starr is joining us with more on this part of the story. what are you learning about this military background? >> well, wolf, we've been talking to the navy all day about this. the ncis, the naval criminal investigative service, now sharing everything they have on this man, with the lapd and law enforcement out in southern california. any clues they might be able to get from his record. he was honorably discharged from the naval reserve. oddly enough, just last week. so one of the concerns, very quietly, is they want to make sure if he has a military i.d. card still in his possession, officials tell us they want to make sure it's canceled out, it's expired, that he cannot get on to a military base. one military officer telling me, they are exercising due
3:34 pm
diligence out there in california at bases to make sure they don't accidentally let him slip through the cracks. he did get shooting training, military shooting training when he was in the naval reserve. he was both a pistol expert and a rifle marksman, two very specific things. that means, we are told, he could shoot at 200 yards with some level of accuracy. but we're also told by the military, they're feeling is that his real expertise in shooting, most likely, came from the lapd, one of the most highly trained, of course, police forces in the country. wolf? >> certainly is, between the police background, the military background, obviously, potentially very, very dangerous. barbara, thank you. and the desperate search for dorner, policefired on a vehicle that lacked like the suspect's pickup truck. two people were inside and they were wounded. the spokesman for the torrance
3:35 pm
police department is joining me on the phone. sergeant, thanks so much for calling in. >> you're welcome. >> tell me about this incident today in torrance. what happened? walk us through how police misidentified this car. and were the people in this car doing anything suspicious to draw the attention of the police? >> let me tell you, there's two incidents that happened in the city of torrance or around the city of torrance. the first incident, which occurred in our city, had to do with los angeles police department. they were involved in the shooting, with the vehicle. they are handling that investigation, as we speak. and as of i know right now, it's continuing. there was a second incident that occurred just within our borders, as it relates to that incident. so you have lapd handling one crime scene, which was -- that happened in the city of t torrance, and the torrance police department is handling the second. >> do you know anything about the people that were in that vehicle, though, that were shot? how they're doing?
3:36 pm
>> you know, i don't know anybody -- or, i don't know who the people are that were in the vehicle. i know that they sustained some injuries. that is about as much as i know. >> now, let me ask you about the alleged gunman, christopher dorner. do you know, does he have any connection to the city of torrance? i know it's about 20 minutes south of los angeles, if i'm correct. i mean, we do know that officers were in the city in order to protect a potential target of dorner's. what's his connection to the city? >> well, that's as much as we know right now. lapd is handling that as part of the investigation. as you said, lapd security division was providing protection to a possible high-risk target, which is located in the city of torrance. officers responded to the location after they heard shots fired. they observed a truck leaving that area, matching a similar description of the suspect, christopher dorner's vehicle.
3:37 pm
a torrance police patrol unit, occupied by two of our officers, encountered the black truck, collided with the vehicle, and that's when an officer-involved shooting occurred. >> let me also ask you, in general, there must be a lot of fear in the city, right now. what are you -- what are you and your fellow officers, what are you telling residents of the city of torrance right now? do they have any concerns? >> well, i would like to believe that the torrance police department does a very, very good job of reaching out to the community, making them aware of the situation. and initially, when something like this happens, obviously, there's a heightened awareness, maybe a heightened concern. but the torrance police department did a good job in reaching out to the community and making sure that what happened was explained. and yeah, of course people are very curious, but we're still continuing the investigation and we're still providing as much information to our community as
3:38 pm
possible. >> sergeant chris roosen of the torrance police department, thanks so much for calling in this morning. we'll be in touch. thank you. >> lots of people in the los angeles area, southern california. >> everyone. >> are understandably very worried. >> and on edge tonight. >> reminds me of what was going on here in the washington, d.c., area during the sniper crisis that we had. >> i think a lot of people are saying that today. >> yeah. so what's driving the suspect? up next, we'll take a closer look at his 11-page manifesto. how authorities could be using it to try to track him down. we'll also get some insight from charles moose. he led the investigation into that notorious d.c. area sniper shooting. chief moose, he's standing by. lu need your oil changed you got to bring it in. if your tires need to be rotated, you have to get that done as well. jackie, tell me why somebody should bring they're car here to the ford dealership for service instead of any one of those other places out there. they are going to take care of my car because this is where it came from. price is right no problem, they make you feel like you're a family. get a synthetic blend oil change, tire rotation and much more, $29.95 after $10.00 rebate. if you take care of your car your car will take care of you.
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3:42 pm
all right. there's been a significant development in this case, out in los angeles, in southern california. christopher jordan dorner, the suspect in the killings out there, we've just learned, moments ago, apparently, his vehicle has been found. listen to the san bernardino sheriff, john mcmahon. >> about 2:30 this afternoon, we were able to confirm that there was a vehicle up on a forestry road, that was, in fact the vehicle that the suspect used this morning in getting away from the scene in riverside. we have currently a search going on with guys going door to door, as well as our specialized enforcement detail, up in the area where the truck was located. >> and we understand the vehicle, the truck in this particular case, was burnt out. this is the part of the shooting rampage that we're watching, including clearly a still very dangerous manhunt. we're following the search for this alleged cop killer in california, right now. police on the case may get some
3:43 pm
insight from a killing spree a decade ago. the beltway sniper attacks here in the washington, d.c., area, ten people were killed, three others wounded before police finally captured the snipers at a highway rest stop. let's discuss what's going on. joining us, the man who was at the helm of that investigation here in the d.c. area, the former police chief of montgomery county, charles moose. he's joining us. also with us, our cnn contributor, the former fbi assistant director, tom fuentes, and the psychologist, lisa van susteren. thanks to all of you for joining us. let me start with you, chief moose. what advice do you have for authorities out there? you went through similar process in montgomery county, outside of washington, d.c.. >> yes, wolf. i think the key is, as this involves more and more communities, more and more law enforcement agencies, that the communication and the sharing among all of those agencies
3:44 pm
becomes critical. when you ask people to call 911, if they see or hear anything, we have to remember that these various 911 centers aren't connected, and so they must all communicate with each other, and the call takers at these centers. although the focus tends to be on the police officers, the call center staff need to be up to speed on all of the information, so that they don't let anything drop through the cracks. >> all right. stand by for a moment. i want to bring tom fuentes, formerly of the fbi into this conversation. he apparently tried to steal a boat near san diego. what does that say to you. it says to me maybe he wanted to use a boat to get to mexico or something like that. >> a good possibility of that, wolf. and that's what everybody would be looking at right now. and the fact that they found his car, it's been several hours since he actually parked it and torched it at that location. so he could have committed a home invasion and be with a family right now, holding them hostage, and a very, very dangerous situation, or he could have already hijacked or stolen someone else's vehicle and be on his way to another state or to mexico that way. so the fact that they' located
3:45 pm
that car, that's a good thing, but they don't know that they've got him cornered in that area. he could be long gone or in somebody's home -- >> and presumably, he still has his weapons. >> well, that's the other issue. that he's heavily armed, he's as dangerous as can be, because he has great firepower and the skills to use it. >> now, lisa, another wild part of this very still-developing story is that we have a window into this alleged killer's mind, this manifesto that he posted online. i mean, it's lengthy, but i want to read just a part of that it we have for our viewers. he says, "i know i will be vilified by the lapd and the media. unfortunately, this is a necessary evil that i do not enjoy, but must partake and complete for substantial change to occur within the lapd and reclaim my name." what does this tell you? >> well, this is kind of characteristic of people like this and that is that they really don't hold themselves accountable for what they are doing. they characteristically blame others. they see themselves as a force
3:46 pm
against evil. they see themselves in an elevated sort of a station. and so it doesn't really surprise me, given what he's done, that he has written a manifesto like this. >> and lisa, as well as to you, tom, how can you utilize this manifesto to outsmart, to ferret out this man? to bring him to justice? >> you want -- >> how can you outsmart him? he can't be outsmarted because of the manifesto. the manifesto is simply a representation of his very deranged thinking. but if you want to understand why something like this happens, you can certainly look at that manifesto, but it's plain old cop work, police work that's going to trap him, not a psychological study. this is not like al qaeda, with some serpentine sort of route that they're going about something. this is shoe leather, i'm afraid. >> you know, i just want to bring chief moose in for a second. chief moose, i want you to weigh in on that specific point. if he's now presumably looking for another vehicle, looking for
3:47 pm
something, maybe he's just looking to hide out someplace, it sounds to me, potentially, it could be like looking for a needle in a haystack, as they say. >> well, i think the one advantage we have, though, is we do know who he is, we know what he looks like, and i think that this is a great opportunity for the media, national and local, to encourage the community to participate. if they see anything, hear anything, we have an opportunity to get that step ahead and help that shoe work in terms of local law enforcement, knocking on doors and getting information. so i think it helps that we know who he is and sounds like we can possibly narrow the focus of where he may be. >> now, tom, one other aspect of this is that we now know that this -- we believe, it is possible, that this man has sent, has referenced both wolf, as well as anderson cooper and other reporters and jurournalis
3:48 pm
and even sent a package to arou anderson cooper's office in new york. what does that tell you? >> the manifesto basically says, he's suicidal, he has nothing to live for, i've lost everything, everything's been taken away from me since 2009, his whole identity linked to his job as a military reservist and a police officer. now you have him sending off, you know, items to the media that are going to get worldwide attention and coverage. he hasn't killed himself yet. he made good on the one threat, when he said he's going to wage war against families and police officers and killed officer quan's daughter and fiancee and a terribly tragic murder there. and then turns around and ambushes two other police officers in riverside, killing that officer, unfortunately. so you have someone who, on the one hand, in one sense, you would expect him to commit suicide any minute and just end all of his pain and suffering. on the other hand, he's still going after other people. he's still targeting police
3:49 pm
officers. he could be targeting any number of people, and at the same time, seeking fame through his use of the media. >> we're going to stay in touch with all of you. tom fuentes, thanks very much. lisa van susteren, thanks to you as well. chief charles moose, as always, thanks to you. there's other news we're following here in "the situation room," including a wild day here in washington up on capitol hill. noisy protesters disrupting a hearing for president obama's nominee to run the cia. wow, tha. [ male announcer ] it's red lobster's 30 shrimp! for $11.99 pair any two shrimp selections on one plate! like mango jalapeño shrimp and parmesan crunch shrimp. just $11.99. offer ends soon! i'm ryon stewart, and i sea food differently. just $11.99. offer ends soon! i have obligations. cute tobligations, but obligations.g. i need to rethink the core of my portfolio. what i really need is sleep. introducing the ishares core, building blocks for the heart of your portfolio. find out why 9 out of 10 large professional investors choose ishares for their etfs.
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3:52 pm
i will not stand for this. this is wrong! >> protesters actually shut down today's hearing for president obama's nominee to become the nation's next director of the cia. let's bring in our white house
3:53 pm
correspondent, jessica yellyell. she filed this report. >> reporter: president obama's pick to be the next cia director started -- >> you're killing kids halfway across the world! i've been -- >> reporter: -- then restarted his confirmation hearing. >> we will stop again. >> reporter: when objections to the u.s. drone program continued, committee chair, dianne feinstein, cleared the room of all visitors. >> i'm going to ask -- >> we're going to halt the hearing. i'm going to ask -- >> reporter: eventually, only those with a vote on his confirmation were left to speak. their questions centered on the drones program. overnight, the obama administration gave the committee its legal rational for the targeted killings of u.s. citizens. troubling to democrats -- >> let me ask you several other questions with respect to the president's authority to kill americans. and whether the administration believes that the president can use this authority inside the united states. >> reporter: while republicans wanted to know --
3:54 pm
>> your view seems to be that even if we could save american lives by detaining more terrorists, using only traditional techniques, it would be better to kill them with a drone or let them go free, rather than detain them. >> i never believe it's better to kill a terrorist than to detain him. we want to detain as many terrorists as possible. >> reporter: then on the issue of enhanced interrogation, including waterboarding. brennan was top cia brass after 9/11 when those practices were used. he says he always opposed them. >> waterboarding is something that never should have been employed and as far as i'm concerned never will be, if i have anything to do with it. >> reporter: but in 2007, brennan told cbs he believes the information obtained from these techniques helped, quote, save lives. what changed his mind, in part, a report written by this very senate committee. >> i must tell you, senator, that reading this report from the committee raises serious questions about the information that i was given at the time.
3:55 pm
based on that information, as well as what the cia says, what the truth is, and at this point, senator, i do not know what the truth is. >> reporter: and the other big topic of the day, information sharing. senators complain the intelligence community does not share enough classified information with them. >> i'm going to pour out my frustration, on dealing with the central agency, and dealing with various administrations, about trying to get information. >> and this is what the cia did to the cable. >> reporter: but, shares too much with the media. >> it seems to me that the leak that the justice department is looking for is right here in front of us. and you disagree with that? >> reporter: wolf, he did disagree with that statement. now, this committee will hold a classified hearing, meaning, behind closed doors, on tuesday, and the current plan is for this committee to vote on the confirmation of john brennan to be the next cia director on thursday, a week from today. here's an interesting note.
3:56 pm
senator dianne feinstein said in her opening statement, she would like to see a court set up to oversee when drones are allowed to target for lethal killings. wolf? >> all right, jessica, thanks very much. jessica yellin at the white house. when we come back, a popular super bowl ad is inspiring some other pretty bizarre kisses. jeanne moos is next. [ woman ] if you have the audacity to believe your financial advisor should focus on your long-term goals, not their short-term agenda. [ male announcer ] join the nearly 7 million investors who think like you do. face time and think time make a difference. at edward jones, it's how we make sense of investing. face time and think time make a difference. we are gathered here today to celebrate the union of tim and laura. it's amazing how appreciative ople are when you tell them they could save a lot of money on their car insurance by switching to geico...they may even make you their best man.
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3:59 pm
one of the most talked about commercials from the super bowl has taken on a life of its own. jeanne moos explains. >> reporter: ever since that go daddy super bowl ad aired, odd couple mouth-to-mouth has enjoyed a resuscitation. jay leno even proposed a replay with "sports illustrated" swimsuit model, bar raphaely. >> any chance we could recreate the ad? >> sure, pucker up. >> reporter: things

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